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Advice for... New MACP Students

A Learning Pathway for new MACP Students

Learning Pathway Introduction

New MACP Students

Congratulations on embarking on your journey as a graduate student in counseling psychology! This is an exciting and rewarding path that will undoubtedly contribute to your personal and professional growth.    

In this Learning Pathway you will learn about some critical MACP supports that assist your learning journey by helping you become an efficient researcher:

  • Review the Basics of APA citation & formatting structure.
  • Explore specific Counseling Psychology databases.
  • Search our Discovery search platform that covers the entire collection.
  • Discover how to make a Document Delivery request from the Library.
  • Explore using Bibliographic software to organize your research for Essays and Discussion Questions.
  • Understand how to receive writing support through Studiosity 24/7 academic service (free to all students).
  • Identify how to obtain academic assistance from Library Services.


-Success in academics is not just about intelligence, but also about perseverance and determination.