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Quick Study Guide on Library Tech Support

How can a librarian help you with Technical Issues?

My name is Paul J. Graham and I'm the University Librarian for Yorkville University.  I manage our Library Services and work with other librarians to provide research, assignment, and teaching support to all YU students and Faculty.

However, I also address many of the technical issues pertaining to the library.  Sometimes students will have challenges accessing library resources, such as error messages when accessing a journal or eBook. These are very common challenges and most of the time can be easily resolved. Below I've included the Top 3 Ways you can resolve a library technical challenge.

Top Three Ways You can Resolve a Library Tech Problem

Although it is an easy thing to do, most library technical challenges can be resolved right away by simply turning your computer off and then back on again. That's always your first best way to resolve a library technical issue without having to wait for a response from ASK YU.

​​​​​The next best option is to clear your web browser's cache/cookies. This resolves almost 99% of all library access challenges.  However, you have to clear all the cache/cookies completely for it to be effective. Then, you again turn off your computer. Turn it back on again. Then try accessing the library again.

The next step for resolving library technical issues involves trying another web browser. Sometimes if you use your web browser for accessing work or another library, it can have challenges for accessing YU's library. Here are just a few options.  

If you are still having technical challenges with accessing content, please directly email me, or send your question to ASK YU where a librarian will review the issue. NOTE, sometimes there are database outages where access to databases is temporarily inaccessible. In such cases, we may point you to other database resources while we resolve access (e.g., a database that is inaccessible for 1-3 hours).

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