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APA Support Centre: Bibliographic Software

Software Options




  • Zotero is a freely accessible Research Assistant that allows you to download and organize citations (and available full text) from our databases, and any other online resource, such as from YouTube or other sites.
  • Rather than saving your research PDFs in databases, or buried in folders, you can group them together in Zotero files, name them for a Course (e.g., BUSI 1033, PSYC 6104) for easy retrieval from your computer.
  • You can also back up all your work to their free Cloud space, or pay a fee for larger storage options.
  • Please note, with any bibliographic software, you still have to understand the basic rules of APA to know if the citations downloaded properly from  online sources and were cited in the correct structure.
  • Using Zotero is only a suggestion, and is not required for any or your programs. Let us know if you have questions.