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New to APA? Learn all about APA 7's paper elements, format, and organization; academic writing style; grammar and usage; bias-free language guidelines; mechanics of style; tables and figures; in-text citations, paraphrasing, and quotations and reference list format and order in a free tutorial, linked here.

DOI Lookup Tool

APA Style Guides in our Library

Note of Thanks

We thank Seneca College Libraries for sharing their template via Libguides which served as a basis for our own libguide.

Key APA Supports

The following APA resources listed/linked below are extremely comprehensive and informative.  We also recommend that you bookmark the Official APA Blog.

Getting Started with APA

APA Support Centre Services

What we can do for you?

  • We provide a single point for obtaining APA information.

  • Post YU related questions to our blog and citation examples.

  • Help you answer basic APA questions.

What we cannot provide

  • Review your bibliography for APA citation corrections.

  • Comment on Instructor feedback related to APA.

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