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Creative Arts: Canadian Arts Institutions

Key resource supports for Bachelor of Creative Arts students

Canadian Arts Institutions

Canadian Context

 Links to Canadian educational, and arts institutions.

Art & Photography

Art & Photography

  • Canadian Photography Institute: From emerging talent to historical archives and established artists, the Canadian Photography Institute is the place to see and study photography in all its forms. (See also, their publications page.) 

    • Note: This page was archived by the National Gallery of Canada in March 2020 and is no longer updated. To learn more about the National Gallery of Canada’s photography collection, please visit the Collecting Areas’ Photography page.

  • National Gallery of Canada: The strength of the National Gallery of Canada lies in its collection of art, especially Canadian art, and its accessibility to the public across the country. The collection opens the way for appreciation of the finest in artistic expression: The works of art reveal the past, celebrate the present, and probe the future.



  • National Theatre School of CanadaProvides incomparable training in French and English to actors, directors, playwrights, designers and production specialists to prepare them to work in professional theatre.