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Quick Study Guide for receiving support searching for sources for an assignment

Instruction & Academic Support Librarian

How can a librarian help you search for information?

My name is Nell Beaudry McLachlan and I'm Yorkville University's Instruction & Academic Support Librarian.  Although you can send a question to any of our librarians, when you are having challenges finding information on your topic for an assignment, you can send your question to me (by email, phone, or video meeting). I also specialize in providing support to MACP/DCP students. 

Librarians play a crucial role in helping individuals find information in academic databases. They assist by guiding users through the complex landscape of these databases, suggesting the most relevant ones for specific research topics, and helping formulate effective search strategies. Librarians can provide valuable insights into advanced search techniques, such as Boolean operators and subject-specific indexing terms, to refine searches and obtain more precise results. 

Before sending your question, you might first explore these helpful searching tutorials:

Office Hours, BC Campus

Days available at our New Westminster Campus

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays (by appointment).

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About the Librarian

Graduated McGill University's Master of Information Studies program. My name is Nell, and I work in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have two cats, and enjoy reading, writing, knitting, sewing, cooking & baking, and have recently taken up running and ballet. My professional interests are reciprocity in relationships between library staff and users, antiquarian Judaica and the role of women in antiquarian Hebrew printing, and community engagement in information and cultural institutions. I love British crime shows (the cozier the better), and am a season's ticket holder for Vancouver Opera. 

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