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Ask a Question?: Getting Answers

List of Library Staff at YU

Student Success and Support

Yorkville University takes your mental health seriously. The Student Success Centre's Mental Health and Wellness section has established a number mental wellness supports for its students. These include numbers for crisis support hotlines, appointments with our mental health and wellness counsellors in person or online, a Mindfulness podcast by MACP graduate Alex Duz, and a selection of tip sheets for quick support for a variety of situations. 

Studiosity is a 24/7 online academic support service available to all students providing math and writing support including ESL writing. This personalized study support connects students to Studiosity specialists around the world, for individualized, just-in-time support. All at no additional cost to students. All students have 9 interactions (3 writing feedback, 9 connect-live), every 6 months, with a Studiosity specialist through:

  • Connect-Live session, working immediately with a Subject Specialist in the interactive classroom, using chat, a collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing.
  • The Writing Feedback service, submitting a file to be reviewed with constructive academic writing feedback coming in less than 24 hours.

The Accessibility and Accommodations Team at Yorkville University should be contacted in the event that you require academic accommodations for a variety of reasons, included but not limited to barriers to access due to disability or faith-based accommodations, in both classroom and testing settings. The Accessibility and Accommodations Team supplies a list of some but not all accommodations for accessibility on their website, as well as a list of resources that may help reduce technology-created access barriers. You can consult these resources here, contact them by email for more information, or book a confidential appointment through PHIPA-compliant software. 

Program Advisors are the first line of communication for students. They are always available to provide resources and information to assist with any challenges students may be faced with in their courses. They can explain your plan of study and provide options that will help with work-life balance. If you are experiencing challenges, speak to your program advisor.

You can get in touch by phone by going to the following pages:


Alternatively, submit your question/request via AskYU and your advisor will get in contact with you.

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Subject Based Questions


Asking Questions by Program of Study

You can ask any librarian a question based on the program you're taking at Yorkville University, or by the specific Campus (Toronto or Vancouver). Note, there are no library services on weekends. Questions will be responded to within 48 Hours during regular business days.

  • Kathy Coorsh, Academic Support Librarian 
    • BID, BBA, BCRA, APA, Ontario Campus 
  • Sarah Van Sickle, Resource Management Librarian
    • BID, BBA, BCRA, APA, Ontario Campus
  • Melissa Discola, Library Technician & Textbook Facilitator
    • Textbooks, Library Content, APA, Ontario Campus
  • Paul J. Graham, University Librarian
    • DCP, MACP, Education, BCRA, APA, Studiosity, Fredericton Offices
  • Nell Beaudry, Information Literacy & Academic Support Librarian
    • DCP, MACP, Education, BBA, APA, Studiosity, BC Campus
  • PLEASE NOTE... when in doubt, you can send your question to "ASK YU".  All Technical questions (e.g., you cannot access the library) should also be sent to ASK YU so our tech team can provide a response. 

APA Citation Support


Asking Questions about APA Citation

What we can do for you?
  • We provide an APA support centre with the most commonly used citation examples. 
  • You can ask us questions about specific APA citations for which you require clarification.
  • A question can be submitted directly to the following email: 
  • Due to the potential high volume of questions, we cannot guarantee a swift response time, questions will be answered in order of submission, and as quickly as possible.
What we cannot do for you?
  • Due to limited staff, we cannot review your reference list for accuracy prior to submitting.
  • We will not comment on an instructor's mark of your citation, you need to communicate with them directly.

Textbook Questions


Asking Questions about Textbooks

  • For all textbook questions, you should first contact the bookstore, they manage all aspects of purchase, format, delivery, etc. Note, the Library does 'not' manage the bookstore; they are separate departments.
  • Most of the eBooks sold by the bookstore are accessed via VitalSource's Bookshelf app. If you have technical questions, please contact VitalSource directly.
  • Additional questions for clarification can be sent directly to our Textbook Facilitator, Melissa Discola 

Asking Questions about Library Based eBooks

  • Whenever possible the library purchases the required texts for a course so that it can be made available for free in your class. Please see this video tutorial concerning library based eBooks
  • Additional questions for clarification can be sent directly to our Textbook Facilitator, Melissa Discola or our Resource Management Librarian, Sarah Van

Academic Support Questions


Need more Help? Online Instruction & Academic Support

  • Library Services provides online support via Zoom for one-to-one and group instruction.
  • Topics can vary across many different areas, such as navigating eBooks, search strategies, identifying types of research, help with assignments, etc.   
  • You can book an online session with our Academic Support & Information Literacy Librarian, Nell Beaudry. Nell Beaudry
  • PLEASE NOTE.  Before connecting with the Academic Support Librarian, please review our "NEW STUDENT LIBGUIDE" to ensure you have learned the basics.

Resource Questions


What's in the Library? Help with Library Collections

  • The Library provides access to many scholarly, peer reviewed databases, such as ProQuest Central (which contains over 40 databases) as well as EBSCO and SAGE.  These resources are accessible in many ways, please ensure you have reviewed our Database searching support tutorials
  • For all questions concerning "if a resource is in our collection", or "can be obtained for the library", please contact our Resource Management Librarian, Sarah Van Sickle
  • PLEASE NOTE. You can also send all Accessibility questions about our resources directly to our Resource Management Librarian.