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Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy: Psychological Tests & Measures

Resources for students in the DCP program.

Psychological Tests & Measures

Psychological Tests & Measures

This section provides advice for identifying Psychological Tests & Measures. These are not intended to provide full access, but only to provide you with options for identifying specific types of assessments for review in our databases.

Psychological Tests & Measures - A- C

  • APA Finding Information About Psychological Tests:  Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below and are divided into three topic areas: published psychological tests, unpublished psychological tests and additional information on the proper use of tests.

  • ATP Assessments: produces some of the most popular psychological and educational tests used by professionals involved in special education and learning differences in the K-12 school system, as well as those who serve adult populations.

  • Buros Center for Testing: They function as the world’s premier test review center, as well as a provider of outreach efforts related to our mission to improve testing, assessment, and measurement practices through consultation and education, with special emphases in psychology and education.

  • CPP: best known for the Myers-Briggs®assessment, is a leading provider of people development solutions for corporate, government, and educational organizations.

Psychological Tests & Measures - D - H

  • Data Recognition Corporation: a variety of assessment tools, surveys, etc.

  • EDITS: They are committed to developing valid, reliable, and useful tools to increase self-awareness and promote educational opportunities to provide a strong foundation for personal and professional growth.

  • HMH Assessments: Educational tests.

  • Hogrefe: Hogrefe Publishing’s core publications include: a range of high-quality scientific journals in the fields of psychology, assessment, and psychiatry; reference works and manuals for practicing psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, and counselors, including  the award-winning Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs; as well as texts and teaching resources for faculty and students. As part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group we also distribute selected assessment tools, including the Rorschach® Test.

Psychological Tests & Measures - H - P

  • HRD Press: For over 40 years Human Resource Development Press has been serving our customers by providing training and human resources personnel the products and services required to develop your most important asset – your employees

  • MHS Assessments: A leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) serves clients in educational, clinical, corporate, public safety, government, military, pharmaceutical, and research settings. MHS has grown to become an international company with products sold in more than 75 countries and translated into over 50 languages. With offices in North America and partners around the world, MHS is dedicated to strong product growth, an optimal user experience, and being digitally and globally driven.

  • PAR: PAR is a leading publisher of assessment instruments, software, books, and other related resources specifically developed to meet the needs of professionals in psychology, personality/counseling, neuropsychology, education, business and industry, forensics, human resources, and career counseling.

  • Pearson Assessments: We provide a wide range of assessments and related services for a variety of education settings and purposes. In the U.S., thousands of employees collaborate on assessments, including educators, research scientists, content specialists, and technology experts

Psychological Tests & Measures - P - W

  • ProEd: Behaviour and learning disabilities.

  • Ramsay Corporation: They have developed diagnostic and selection tests and performance assignments for operators, technicians, and maintenance groups.  Their assessments have included attitudes, knowledge, management skills, and team membership qualities.  They have measured basic skills for entire staffs of manufacturing facilities.

  • Test Collection at ETS: Select the “Search the Test Link Database” for identifying types of tests and measures. Summaries are provided of the tests and measures being searched.

  • WPS: is a leading independent publisher of educational and psychological assessments and related intervention resources. With more than 70 years of experience, we’ve built a global reputation as assessment experts in the areas of autism, speech and language, school psychology, and occupational therapy.