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New Student Guide: Home

This LibGuide is designed for the purpose of supporting students new to Yorkville University in their understanding of the library and its resources.


Student Success and Support

Yorkville University takes your mental health seriously. The Student Success Centre's Mental Health and Wellness section has established a number mental wellness supports for its students. These include numbers for crisis support hotlines, appointments with our mental health and wellness counsellors in person or online, a Mindfulness podcast by MACP graduate Alex Duz, and a selection of tip sheets for quick support for a variety of situations. 

Studiosity is a 24/7 online academic support service available to all students providing math and writing support including ESL writing. This personalized study support connects students to Studiosity specialists around the world, for individualized, just-in-time support. All at no additional cost to students. All students have up to 20 interactions, every 6 months, with a Studiosity specialist through:

  • Connect-Live session, working immediately with a Subject Specialist in the interactive classroom, using chat, a collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing.
  • The Writing Feedback service, submitting a file to be reviewed with constructive academic writing feedback coming in less than 24 hours.

The Accessibility and Accommodations Team at Yorkville University should be contacted in the event that you require academic accommodations for a variety of reasons, included but not limited to barriers to access due to disability or faith-based accommodations, in both classroom and testing settings. The Accessibility and Accommodations Team supplies a list of some but not all accommodations for accessibility on their website, as well as a list of resources that may help reduce technology-created access barriers. You can consult these resources here, contact them by email for more information, or book a confidential appointment through PHIPA-compliant software. 

Program Advisors are the first line of communication for students. They are always available to provide resources and information to assist with any challenges students may be faced with in their courses. They can explain your plan of study and provide options that will help with work-life balance. If you are experiencing challenges, speak to your program advisor.

You can get in touch by phone by going to the following pages:


Alternatively, submit your question/request via AskYU and your advisor will get in contact with you.

                            APA Support Centre

Hours for Library Support


Please note that library staff is available only between Monday and Friday during regular working hours. Reference questions sent between Friday evening and Sunday evening will be addressed Monday.

Library Orientation

Troubleshooting Access to the Library


After being accepted, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have access to library resources before starting your academic journey at YU.

1. Make sure you can log in to MyYU

2. While logged in, try opening Discovery - look for the YU logo

3. Do the same thing with EBSCO Academic, ProQuest, and SAGE

4. If you can't see the MyYU logo in these databases while logged in, open a ticket with AskYU

Select a New Web Browser:  One of the easiest options for accessing our system if you’re having challenges is trying a different web browser. Select a browser that you have not used previously for library or database research either for YU or any other online libraries.

Clear your Browser’s “Cache/Cookies”: Another way to resolve common access issues is to clear your browser’s cache/cookies, then close your browser and restart your computer. If you need support clearing your web browser’s cache/cookies, please contact ASK YU.

Agree to ​EBSCO​’s site permissions: When accessing the new ​EBSCO​ system for the first time, or updating or creating an account within ​EBSCO​, you may find a dialogue option to permit ​EBSCO​ to collect data. This is a standard activity of databases to ensure ease of access for patrons. Although you can select either option, saying ‘yes’ resolves many automated access issues.  Please consider this option if you are having challenges accessing the library.

Incognito Mode, Chrome: If you are still having challenges accessing our resources after trying the previous options, you can try using incognito mode in Chrome web browser.

Additional Considerations:

  • Completely shutting off your computer:  Remember that when you select an option such as ‘clearing your browser’s cache’, you need to close out your browser and do a complete shut down of your computer. Then turn it back on again.
  • Delayed Access: Some students find access is only delayed. They clear the cache for their browser, then after a 24 hour period, the browser is providing them full access. Please ensure you recheck browsers.


You can open a ticket with AskYU here.

Who Do I Ask For Help?

Paul Graham, University Librarian

Email Paul Graham (AST)

Subject Liaison: Creative Arts, Education, Psychology

Kathy Coorsh, Academic Librarian

Email Kathy Coorsh (EST)

Subject Liaison: Business, Interior Design/Decorating & General Studies

Nell Beaudry, Academic Librarian

Email Nell Beaudry (PST)

Subject Liaison: Business, Library Instruction, Information Literacy

Melissa Discola, Library Technician

Email Melissa Discola (EST)

Subject Liaison: Textbook Management & Administration



AskYU is Yorkville University's student support service - it allows you to open tickets to resolve a variety of problems, whether technology-based, program-based, or otherwise! Student Services has put together a handy document to help you understand when and how you should open a ticket with AskYU in order to receive the best possible outcome.