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New Student Guide: Bookstore

This LibGuide is designed for the purpose of supporting students new to Yorkville University in their understanding of the library and its resources.

Important Information

Please note that the library is providing key information on textbook management. Please refer all questions about textbook purchases, eTextbook access, delivery and refunds to the bookstore with the contact information provided below.

How to Contact the Bookstore


Textbooks can be purchased through the Yorkville University bookstore

The Yorkville University Bookstore is run by Nuskule inc. out of Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada
All orders are billed in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Customer service hours are 9am - 4pm EST.

1-877-289-1151 (toll free North America)
1-514-289-1151 (International).

Nuskule inc.
8310 Cote de Liesse
St Laurent, QC H4T 1G7

Contact email:

Reading Lists


A reading list is a selection of books, articles or other resources recommended to you by your lecturer for each module that you study at University. Ensure that you carefully read your course syllabus. Your syllabus provides a full list of resources you need for your course. The bookstore focuses primarily on required textbooks and course packs.

What to Purchase and When


Required Books: Required books are listed on your course site in the syllabus and the book store site. Note, your syllabus may include additional resources that the bookstore is not able to sell directly so always check your syllabus carefully.

Course Packs: Course Packs are additional materials to support your studies, such as journal articles or book chapters. PLEASE NOTE that there is a difference between “supportive” and “required” course packs.  Please ensure that you are aware of the differences.

  • Supportive Course Packs: These are optional resources that provide 20% of a required textbook for those who have purchased the full text but are waiting for a response.
  • Required Course Packs: Only “Required” course packs are necessary to purchase. They are resources not available online for free or in our library collection.

Supplementary Materials: There are some materials that are additionally necessary for your courses. These may be located in the Book Store site, or links from your course site, such as: Business Case Studies, Psychological tests, or required course pack materials (as mentioned above). It’s always important to carefully read your syllabus to understand what you need for a course.

You should purchase your books when they are posted on the bookstore site for the term you are studying: The bookstore posts textbook information approximately one month prior to a term’s start date. We advise you to only purchase resources for the term you are taking and only when they have been posted by the bookstore for that term. For example, if you are taking courses in Fall term of 2021, you should not purchase books listed for Spring or Summer of 2021. You should wait until the courses for Fall are posted.

All decisions about textbook editions are made by the Faculty. Sometimes titles can be changed quickly due to a book going ‘out of print’ or the removal or inaccessibility of an eBook. It’s best to wait until you see that information posted on the bookstore site. If you have questions about delivery, access, etc. please contact the bookstore directly.

Textbook Exchange Forum


You may consider purchasing used books, so long as the books are the correct edition for the course. However, please be aware that some courses require special online access to resources. Used text books will not provide that access, so please ensure that you are aware of the requirements of your course prior to purchasing your text book(s).

Used textbooks can be sold and purchased through the Textbook Exchange forum, monitored by Melissa Discola

Library Services asks that you refrain from selling or purchasing PDF copies of textbooks as we will have to forward information about such activities to our academic administration for review as well as reconsider allowing student access to such forums in future. It is “illegal” to exchange, sell, accept illegally scanned materials. Only print book reselling is acceptable.

Forums are meant only for the resale of currently required “print” books between students which is considered an acceptable practice. Although Library Services shares student concerns over the price of textbooks as set by Publishers, we also must maintain copyright law and honest academic conduct.