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New Student Guide: Studiosity

This LibGuide is designed for the purpose of supporting students new to Yorkville University in their understanding of the library and its resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studiosity has assembled some of its most common F.A.Q.s on their website, some of which might answer your most pressing questions.

You can view Studiosity's entire F.A.Q. here, but we have selected a few we consider most important.

How does Studiosity Work?

Can You Help Me Improve my English Writing Skills?

How to Submit a Document

What Document Types Can I Submit for Feedback?

What Should I Use Instead?


Studiosity is a great resource, but it isn't always the only (or right!) resource! 

If you have questions about research, challenging APA citations, or using YU's databases, please contact a librarian.

For questions about your syllabus or questions specific to course content, please contact your instructor.

If you want to reserve your interactions for when you need them most, there are free online resources you can consider as well.

These resources are not associated with YU, and we recommend using them with discretion and a critical attitude.

For Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation:

Grammarly - Grammarly has a number of features, which you can review here, accessible after installing on either a Mac or Windows computer. Please note that there are both free and paid versions. Grammarly is considered the best option for a pure grammar, spelling and punctuation checker, and we recommend using any of the options below in conjunction with it.

For Register and Style:

Hemingway Editor - Hemingway Editor is a free service, which describes itself as "like a spellchecker but for style" that can be used both online, or in a desktop version. Read more about it here.

Scribens - Scribens is a service with both free and paid options, which you can use in your browser. Although it edits also for grammar, spelling and punctuation, it has powerful tools for assistance with language choice and style. 

SlickWrite - A free service (with an online tip jar), SlickWrite is an adaptable in-browser service that allows you to receive AI-generated feedback on a variety of elements (including grammar, spelling and punctuation) which you can adjust in the "Settings" section. You can try their demo here to see how all of the features work.

For APA Citations:

While we always recommend you look over software-generated citations, there are tools that can help you create your citations.

Scribbr - Though most of Scribbr's APA-related tools are fee-based, Scribbr has a free citation generator, which you can find here.

Cite This For Me - Cite This For Me is a bare bones citation generator that allows you to search for journal articles within the generator, and will flag missing information which you will need to input manually to complete the citation.

MyBib - MyBib is a browser extension that will generate your citations for you. It works not only for articles being viewed on webpages but also for PDFs you have opened in your browser.

Zotero - Zotero is a powerful resource management software which, among other things, will generation APA citations for the articles or resources you have saved through it. For a full explanation of Zotero, please review YU librarian Paul Graham's Ask an Expert on it here.


Studiosity at Yorkville


What is it?

Studiosity is our 24/7 online study service available to all Yorkville University students, including support on math, writing, sources, writing structure, and more. Get help in real time, or upload your draft assignment for same-day feedback. Click here to access through Moodle.

What does it do?

Writing Feedback Connect Live
  • Structure
  • Choice of language
  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Referencing
  • Support with core English skills (punctuation, grammar, structure)
  • Support with essay and report writing
  • Support with core Math skills
  • Study Coaching (work planning, revision timetables, study hints and tips, note taking)

What does it NOT do?

  • No curricula-based feedback
  • No editing or proofreading
  • No research-based help
  • No comments on the accuracy of your material

How often can I use it?

You have 10 total interactions (combined 4 Writing Feedback and 6 Connect Live) per four month period (January-April, May-August, September-December).

Finding Studiosity

Studiosity: Study Help, Online, Anytime and Anywhere - This is a 24/7 online tutoring service available to all students providing math and writing support including ESL writing. HOW DO I ACCESS STUDIOSITY?

1. Moodle

You can access Studiosity through a number of avenues, but the easiest is through Moodle. When opening Moodle, you will see a bar on the right-hand side of the page with important links. Right at the top is Studiosity! When you click the "Access Here" button at the bottom of the frame, it will open a new tab for Studiosity.

If you have not logged on before, you will be prompted to create a pin. If you have logged on before, you will be prompted to enter your pin. Make sure to create a pin you can remember easily, and keep it confidential!

Studiosity can also be accessed through the Student Success Centre, by navigating through the Academic Support tab to the Tutoring section.

2. Studiosity AppStudiosity - Get Help Anywhere With our app

First, you'll need to activate your Studiosity account. This can be done by following the instructions above by connecting for the first time through Moodle. Once you've done that, you can download the app.

To connect your account to the app, log into your account on your computer and click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page, or look directly beneath the "Welcome" box in the right-hand column of the screen.

You will then be prompted to generate a unique 8-digit code. Enter the 8-digit code into your app and that's it! You're all set to go. 

For more information and to download the app, click hereThe Studiosity App is available through Google Play and the App Store.

Connect Live


Studiosity's Connect Live allows you to connect with a subject expert for live, one-to-one support 24/7! In order to use this feature, you submit your question and they will match you with a specialist.

ConnConnect Live: Ask your question and get help in real time.ect Live can be used for core skill English questions, including punctuation, spelling and grammar, and sentence structure, and questions about essay and report writing. This is a great tool to use for follow up questions about Writing Feedback you may have received.

You can also use Connect Live for Math questions, and Study Coach questions, which helps with skills like work planning, revision timetables, study hints, and note taking. 

To keep wait times down, please know that Studiosity's "Fair Use" policy limits these interactions to 20 minutes

If you get the help you need with your question, you can ask another question before the 20 minute mark. If 20 minutes have passed and you'd like to ask a secondary question, you will be asked to reconnect to another specialist, so that the next student waiting in line can get the help they need. Please be aware that this counts as a second interaction.

Writing Feedback


Studiosity's Writing Feedback service allows you to submit a document for feedback within 24 hours. Beneath the "Submit your document" button you can see the average return time at the moment of submission.

Writing Feedback: Get feedback to improve your work before you hand it in.What kind of Feedback do you get?

The feedback offered by the Writing Feedback service focuses on:

  • structure
  • choice of language
  • spelling/grammar
  • referencing

What kind of Feedback do you NOT get?

Please note that the feedback is not on the accuracy of your APA references, but rather on whether or not you have properly cited in-text. They will also not provide feedback on the accuracy of the content.

We encourage you to submit an assignment only once through Writing Feedback, and to ask follow up questions through Connect Live, rather that resubmitting the same assignment multiple times in order to make the most of the services.

How Many Times Can I Use Studiosity?


About your interactions

Students have an allocation of 5 Writing Feedback Submissions and 6 Connect Live interactions through YU during a four month period (January-April, May-August, September-December).

These allocations are adjusted on a rolling basis, which means you can monitor how many of your interactions you have used by checking the "counter" at the bottom on the right-hand side of the Studiosity page.

You can verify both how many interactions you have left, as well as the date at which the next period of usage starts, so you can plan how you will use your interactions over the course of the usage period.

What is an interaction?

Any submission to the Writing Feedback is an interaction. This means that if you submit the same paper multiple times, each submission is an individual interaction, so try to submit an assignment only once. We recommend asking follow up questions about your feedback through Connect Live. 

Any session with Connect Live is one interaction, even if it doesn't last the full 20 minutes allotted. 

How can you plan your interactions?

Consider you many courses you will have within each usage period, and assess your syllabuses to see how many assignments you will be handing in during that period. Determine which assignments you are likely to want to submit for Writing Feedback.

Based on this, you will know how many Connect Live interactions you have in the "bank" until the next period begins! You want to strike a balance between reserving enough interactions for immediate help, while also ensuring the assignments that need it most can go through the Writing Feedback process!