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Reading and Study Skills: Getting Started

Learn about reading and study skills which will help you achieve success in your studies.


We thank  the Tilburg University Language Center for the use of their Academic reading module which was drawn on for the creation of this Libguide.


What to expect

What to Expect

Whether you are just starting out on your university studies or taking up your studies again after a few years absence, you need to be prepared to do a lot of reading. This guide offers insights into how reading works and how you can become a faster and more efficient reader.  You will be required to read course books, journal articles, book chapters, reports, written assignments, and other academic texts. 

This guide is meant to provide you with resources to help you:  

  • better understand long and complex, specialized texts that you are likely to encounter in your academic studies

  • recognize genre and structure of any text 

  • employ strategies to aid your comprehension of texts

  • develop your knowledge of English to support your understanding of language in texts

  • apply a range of strategies to read more efficiently making the best use of your limited time

  • offer you further sources of information

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